0.4.0 Bean is now Banzo Quest in this big new update!

Oh wow has it really been 5 months since the last update? 🤪

One big change is I've finally come up with a name better than "bean"! (that wasn't very searchable was it eheheh). "bean" is now "Banzo Quest"! (Get it like gar-Banzo bean 😏). This also means the main character's name is now Banzo as well, someone called him Mr. Bean and that quite upset me...

There's lots of new stuff in this big new update, so much that I've changed the version number 0.1.0 to not 0.2.0, not 0.3.0, but 0.4.0!

There's things like:

  • Two-Player local Co-Op!
  • Swimming!
  • Overworld with secret levels!
  • Equipable Badges that give you new abilities!
  • Lot's of new art and music!
  • Save friends and chat with them in a little hub area!
  • Accessibility/Difficulty options in the form of a Tweaks menu
  • Other stuff I forgot! I should prolly keep track of this stuff better 😅

In this release there are 7 levels and 3 bosses. 3 of those levels and 2 of those bosses are a little hidden, so you may not find everything on your first go of things. 

Playtime is somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your experience with these kinds of games and your curiosity.

I feel like this new release is a good example of what the game will be like when it's complete so I hope y'all enjoy! And please let me know if something doesn't work, I've been testing it like crazy so hopefully nothing goes wrong heehee


May 06, 2022
banzo_quest_linux_0.4.0.tar.gz 129 MB
May 06, 2022
banzo_quest_mac_0.4.0.zip 129 MB
May 06, 2022

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as cute as ever! solid new name. you ever wonder whether this will end up being your Cave Story? 😉


thanks! and that would be nice wouldn't it 🤪 the way i see it this is just first of many games